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Spearhead Coatings is a small shop located in Grand Prairie, Texas. We are a 1st Responder and Military friendly business. Spearhead Coatings specializes in motorcycle wheels and parts, automotive wheels and parts, tumblers, signs, small outdoor furniture, and a wide variety of metal items and projects.
We now offer ceramic coating services!

We strip your part down to bare metal in an enclosed media blasting cabinet with a 30/60 aluminum oxide media that is safe on all metals. We then treat your stripped part in a rust preventative solution prior to powder coating. This cleans your part and prevents corrosion on your part that could potentially occur if not treated. Your part then gets outgassed to prevent pesky air bubbles that are trapped in the metal from penetrating the powder coat which could potentially create an uneven surface. Your part will then be coated in the color or colors of your choice and cured in an oven. Once your part is ready for pickup, you’ll receive a message via your provided contact method of choice.

Spearhead Coatings has a variety of colors and textured colors in stock and thousands of colors to choose from; anything from smooth finishes to textures. We can make your vision a reality.



Customer Reviews

"Amazing quality work and great customer service."
K. Stephens
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"Quick Turn around time, very good quality workmanship!"
P. Stauffer
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